Association Internationale de Papyrologues

International Association of Papyrologists

AIP Mentors : supporting the younger generation of papyrologists

You are relatively new in the field of papyrology and you wish to submit an article (or a monograph) for publication. Once you submit your manuscript to an editor, however, it is rejected on the ground that your text is not yet ripe for publication: perhaps the structure, or the wording, or the method for quoting sources, are still in need of revision.

Why not ask for help?

You may have someone at your home University who could lend you a hand. If not, then this could be for you: the AIP provides you with a list of colleagues who could provide you with some advice on how to improve your manuscript, and therefore also the chances of getting it published.

Scope of the AIP Mentors program

• Articles to be submitted to peer-reviewed journals.
• Monographs to be submitted to a peer-reviewed series.

What is excluded from the AIP Mentors program

• Preparation of applications for research grants or job openings.
• Any improper use of influence to get a publication through an editorial board.

How to participate

• Look up the list provided on the AIP website.
• Contact a person who seems to match the profile of your intended publication.
• Listen to the advice you receive.
• At the end of the process, don’t forget to say thank you.

List of AIP Mentors

Jose Luis Alonso
University of Zurich
Juristic papyrology

Magdy A.I. Aly
Mansoura University
Documentary papyri, digital papyrology

Shereen Aly
Ain Shams University
Greek ostraca

Charikleia Armoni
Universität zu Köln
Documentary papyri from the Ptolemaic and Roman periods

Peter Arzt-Grabner
University of Salzburg
Documentary papyri from the Roman period, Greco-Roman letter writing

Rodney Ast
Universität Heidelberg
Digital tools

Giuseppina Azzarello
University of Udine
Documentary papyri from the Byzantine period, archives, history of science (arithmetics)

Roger S. Bagnall
Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
Documentary papyri from the Roman and Late Roman periods, social and economic history

Guido Bastianini
Università degli studi di Firenze
Documentary papyri from the Ptolemaic and Roman periods

Klaas Bentein
Ghent University
Documentary papyri form the Roman and Late Antique periods, language of the papyri, layout and materiality

Anne Boud’hors
Coptic papyri, especially from the Byzantine period

Alan Bowman
Oxford University
Documentary papyri from the Roman period, history of Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt

Matias Buchholz
University of Helsinki
Documentary papyri from the Roman and Byzantine periods; carbonized papyri, Petra, Bubastis

Adam Bülow-Jacobsen
Egyptian Desert, ostraka

Livia Capponi
Università di Pavia
Roman Egypt, Jews in Egypt

Willy Clarysse
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Demotic papyrology, history of Ptolemaic Egypt, onomastics and prosopography, literary papyri in their social context

Raffaella Cribiore
Columbia University
ancient education, rhetoric

Hélène Cuvigny
Egyptian Desert, ostraca

Paola Davoli
Università del Salento
Archaeology of Graeco-Roman Egypt

Alain Delattre
Université libre de Bruxelles
Coptic papyri, monasticism

Mark Depauw
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Digital tools

Tomasz Derda
Warsaw University
Archaeology of Graeco-Roman Egypt

Anna Di Giglio
Università degli Studi di Foggia
Literary papyri

Jürgen Hammerstaedt
Universität zu Köln
Herculanum papyri

Sabine Huebner
Universität Basel
History of Roman Egypt

Andreas Kaplony
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Arabic papyri

Thomas Kruse
Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Administration of Roman Egypt

AnneMarie Luijendijk
Princeton University
Christian papyri

Bernard Legras
Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
History of Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt

Brian McGing
Trinity College Dublin
history of Ptolemaic Egypt, edition of papyri

Federico Morelli
Universität Wien
Greek papyri (especially accounts and letters) from the Byzantine and especially Arab periods

Mario C. D. Paganini
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna
Socio-cultural history of the Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt, Ptolemaic and Roman documentary papyrology

Bernhard Palme
University of Vienna / Österreichsiche Nationalbibliothek
Documentary papyri, history of Late Antiquity (social elites, administrative, economic and legal history, military history and history of mentalities)

Arietta Papaconstantinou
University of Reading
Documentary papyri from the Byzantine period, Nessana, history of late antique and early Islamic Egypt (economy, society, religion)

Maryline Parca
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Documentary papyri, especially from the Ptolemaic period

Natascia Pellé
Università del Salento
Literary papyri

Marco Perale
University of Liverpool/Universitat de Barcelona
Literary papyri

Antonio Ricciardetto
Literary papyri, medical papyri, history of science, scribal practices

Fabian Reiter
Università di Bologna
Documentary papyri from the Roman period; administration, social life and economy of Roman Egypt

Tonio Sebastian Richter
Freie Universität Berlin
Coptic papyrology, especially legal documents and late Coptic documents

Patrick Sänger
University of Münster
Documentary papyri, history of Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt, juristic papyrology

Noha Salem
Ain Shams University
Documentary papyri from the Roman and Byzantine periods

C. Michael Sampson
University of Manitoba
Literary papyri, digital papyrology, Karanis, museum archaeology

Paul Schubert
University of Geneva
Literary and documentary papyri, Roman Egypt

Dorothy Thompson
University of Cambridge
History of Ptolemaic Egypt

Sofía Torallas Toras
University of Chicago
Book production, magical papyri

Jakub Urbanik
University of Warsaw/Käte Hamburger Kolleg Unity and Plurality in Law, Münster
Juristic papyrology (chiefly from the Roman and Byzantine periods), ancient legal history

Katelijn Vandorpe
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
History of Ptolemaic Egypt

Naïm Vanthieghem
Arabic papyri

Arthur Verhoogt
University of Michigan
Papyri from the Ptolemaic period

Marja Vierros
University of Helsinki
Documentary papyri, linguistics

Uri Yiftach
Tel Aviv University
Documentary papyri, history of the legal document