Association internationale de Papyrologues

International Association of Papyrologists

In memoriam Mohamed El-Ashiry


Discours prononcé durant l'Assemblée Générale de l'AIP réunie à Varsovie le 3 août 2013
Speech delivered during the General Assembly of the AIP gathered in Warsaw on August 3rd, 2013 par - by: Magdy A. I. Aly

Mohamed Abd El-Fattah Ashery died on Tuesday night, January 15th of this year (about 52 years old) after a long battle with gastric cancer for more than four years. Eventually the disease wins and left sorrow and pain for all who knew him.

El-Ashery was a good husband and a father of a son and two daughters. He is born in Hadaeq El-Qubba, Cairo, August 26, 1961. He graduated from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Greek and Latin studies in 1983.

Mohamed worked in the Egyptian Trade Union Federation as English Interpreter then after receiving his Master in 1993 in papyrology he moved to work in Helwan University, Archaeology Department, Cairo, as Assistant Lecturer, then as an Assistant Professor when he received his PhD in publishing several Greek documentary papyri in 2001, and finally as Associate Professor in 2012.

El-Ashery was the third generation of the Egyptian Papyrologists after Prof. Zaki Aly then Prof. Sayed Omar, Prof. Alia Hanafi and, of course, the late Prof. Abd Allah H. El-Mosallamy. Although Mohamed El-Ashery has published very limited articles, one of them in the process of the 25th International Congress of Papyrology, Ann Arbor, Michigan, yet he was extraordinary papyrologist. He was very helpful colleague and respected friend. Finally, Mohamed El-Ashery always knew how to disagree with anyone without losing his respect or even love.

May ALLAH have mercy on his soul.